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As New York’s emerging nanotechnology sector began to gain recognition, the need to secure government, corporate and community buy-in, build partnerships and attract investment was a significant endeavor. That mission was jump-started by the implementation of a strategic and tactical public relations, branding and communications effort, which harnessed a cohesive and consistent message driven by a multi-faceted approach that combined proactive public relations with innovative marketing. As a result, the rising sector garnered local, national and international attention, including featured pieces on CNN, the CBS Evening News, The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, and growth has been explosive, starting in New York’s Capital Region and expanding statewide into Utica, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, as well as domestic and international collaborations with entities in Silicon Valley, Japan, Germany, Israel and other nations.


A software firm specializing in cloud-based HR technology solutions that assist companies with talent sourcing, acquisition and development, OutMatch saw opportunities for growth that could be expedited by raising its profile. That increased attention played a key role in helping OutMatch's predecessor,, land a $36 million investment from a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, fueling a  merger that will ensure sustained growth in the future. Through a series of proactive PR activities that have garnered attention in local and national mainstream media, along with industry and vertical trade press, the company is realizing new business and seeing growing interest in its capabilities.



The effort to brand upstate New York as a hub for high-tech jobs, companies and investment, the so-called “Tech Valley” region, had suffered from an identity crisis for years, derided in technology and business circles as a dream at best and a joke at worst. The tide finally changed through the development of a strategic and focused campaign that stopped apologizing for the moniker and started aggressively promoting the region’s advantages. Today, Tech Valley is considered one of the nation’s most progressive high-tech environments, often held out as a national model that other parts of the country want to emulate.



If you’ve heard of CanCode, it’s likely the result of work done by Steve Janack. His strategic and tactical approach to PR, combined with his sage advice on interacting with individuals and companies at the highest levels of business, technology and government, have played an important role in raising awareness, building our brand, and creating opportunities to grow. Steve is a force and I am certain that having him by our side as we have grown has helped us go farther faster and with the poise and grace that only astute, experienced public relations know-how can bring to a fast-growing organization. I will be forever grateful to Steve for the work he has done for the CanCode organization.” 


Founder and CEO, CanCode Communities

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