We are adept at raising the profile of a technology or organization, and at effectively communicating a complex issue or challenge to a wide or targeted audience.

We start by gathering information to understand both the issue and the desired outcome of a communications program. We develop a multi-faceted strategy to shape and deliver the message. And we execute relentlessly to ensure that the right people hear the right story.


In our experience, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” The Janack Group approaches each engagement with this philosophy and the commitment to do what it takes to get the job done.



We are skilled at framing your message in a way that will attract attention, and in knowing how to work with reporters, editors and producers to have an impact.

With years of experience in the trenches, from assignments desks and street reporting to news production and management, and with placements ranging from local media to The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, CNN and the CBS Evening News, we understand what it takes to be heard. We know how important it is to offer a timely and consistent message. And we know how to prepare you to be confident and make the most of a media interaction.


Too many organizations shy away from media attention. In the process, they miss a golden opportunity to tell their story and raise visibility for their company or cause. The Janack Group can help you avoid that mistake.



You’ve scored the interview; now the media is on its way to your door. Will you be at the top of your game when they arrive?

There is no substitute for media training: crafting key talking points, preparing to answer difficult questions, and presenting a polished, well-received message. Critical steps toward building a relationship that can generate additional opportunities in the future.


Preparation starts long before the interview. The Janack Group can help make sure you’re ready and confident before the first question is asked. 



A crisis can damage your credibility, ruin your reputation, and cost you clients and customers. We can help to minimize the impact and return to business as usual.

Most individuals and organizations think it won’t happen to them: a crisis that can damage your credibility, ruin your reputation, and cause your clients and customers to leave.


The best approach is to plan for a crisis in advance: to anticipate potential scenarios that might arise and to determine the best ways to communicate in the face of that distress. Unfortunately, an unanticipated crisis is always possible, and addressing that will require clear thinking, quick action, and the know-how to get it done.



With years of on-air presence both on radio and television, and numerous public speaking roles
as a presenter and panelist,
we can prepare you to be
confident and in control.

Many people find public speaking among the most intimidating things they have to do. As a result, they avoid it like the plague – and in the process, miss out on a great opportunity to promote their company or cause.


You have a story to tell. The Janack Group can give you the tools to tell it well.



Developing and telling a compelling story to generate community support can be challenging. We know when to use finesse and when to make some noise.

The keys to navigating this process include being able to understand public opinion, knowing how to reach out to community leaders, and having the ability to develop a crisp message that has impact.


We’ve taken causes that failed to gain traction – to say nothing of ones that generated negative reaction – and successfully turned the tide of public opinion. Let The Janack Group show you how to make it happen

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